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Pipe fitting is a general term for components the piping system that function to connect, control, change direction, split, seal, and support. As a professional pipe nipple fittings manufacturers and pipe fittings supplier in China, we provide all kinds of pipes, pipe fittings, pipe flanges, and other pipeline fittings, pipe components.
Our custom China pipe fitting materials have excellent durability, performance and reliability to meet all your piping needs and have been widely used in natural gas, oil and gas, water, fire protection, HVAC, mining, petroleum and other fluid transportation fields.
TIANCHENG China custom pipe fitting manufacture offers customizable pipe fittings services to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts provides high-quality, precision-engineered custom pipe fittings, pipe components that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.
Custom Pipe Nipples
Upgrade your piping system with our top-notch Custom Pipe Nipples. Easy installation, durable performance! Choose from various sizes.
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Custom Pipe Coupling/Socket
These high-quality components are designed to ensure easy installation and deliver exceptional performance. Upgrade your piping system today with our top-notch Custom Pipe Coupling/Socket!
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We are a custom pipes and fittings manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter in China, and have engaged in the production and research of custom pipes, pipe fittings, pipe flanges, and other pipeline fittings, pipe components since 2000. We always insist on survival by quality and development by reputation. After years of unremitting efforts, we have become a reputable steel pipes and fittings manufacturer and supplier in our region. Our custom pipeline fittings are widely used in the field of gas, oil and gas, water, fire, HVAC, mines, petroleum, and other fluid transportation.

Our custom pipeline fittings and pipe components, manufactured according to American Standard ASTM A733/A865, German Standard DIN2982/DIN2986, British Standard BS EN10241, and Japanese Standard JISB2302, are well-received in markets such as the USA, Mexico, Poland, Lithuania, Israel, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Middle East, Canada, France, and more.

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China Custom Pipe Fittings Application
Tiancheng custom pipe fittings and custom pipe components find diverse applications in various industries, serving as essential components for connecting and directing fluids in pipelines and systems.
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