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What is NPT Pipe Nipples?

NPT is short of American National Standard Pipe Thread standards, which is used on threaded pipes and pipe fittings. They include both tapered and straight thread series for various purposes including rigidity, pressure-tight sealing, or both.

Nipple fitting is a short piece of pipe which provided NPT or BSP male thread at each end, the length usually specified by the overall length with thread.

We do not recommend that disassembling and then reassembling the same threaded fittings. Becuase you have formed the threads to specific connection after you set an NPT fitting connection. Otherwise that may create leaks.

NPT pipe fittings are offered in various grades including stainless steel pipe fittings, brass fittings, copper fittings, carbon steel, nickel alloys, Cu/Ni, alloy steel.

Connection of NPT Pipe Nipples

According to the shapes, in Tiancheng pipe nipple manufacturer, we can divided into straight nipple (threaded nipple) and reducing nipple. Same as the steel pipe reducer, there are concentric swage nipple and eccentric swage nipple. All of them have some connecting methods as following:

  • TOE Nipple

Threaded one end nipple, and the other end is plain which can connect with the pipes or fittings by welding.

  • NPT TBE Nipple

It means pipe nipple have BSP or NPT threads on both ends, and connects pipe and fittings by screwed.

  • TSE Nipple Fitting

Threaded small end nipple offer called TSE Nipple for short. From full name, we can know the small dimaeter end is NPT Thread.

  • TLE Threaded Nipple

In contrast to TSE Nipple, the thread is on the large diameter end.

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