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11 Different Types of Pipe Nipples

In the realm of piping and plumbing, the term "pipe nipple" might sound straightforward, but it encompasses a world of diverse fittings with unique features. As a dedicated manufacturer and supplier, Tiancheng is here to provide insights into the various types of pipe nipples available in the industry. Each type serves a specific purpose, and understanding their differences can be invaluable when choosing the right China pipe nipple for your project.

1. Barrel Pipe Nipple

Barrel pipe nipples, also known as barrel nipples, are tapered NPT threaded at both ends with an unthreaded section in the middle. These nipples offer a reliable connection and are commonly used in plumbing and industrial applications.

2. T.O.E Pipe Nipple

T.O.E stands for threaded one end. These nipples are often used as legs for oil tanks. It's essential to note that T.O.E nipples are distinct from weld nipples, which have a beveled end finish designed for butt weld connections.

3. Weld Pipe Nipple

Weld nipples, as the name suggests, have no threads and connect to tube fittings by welding rather than threading. They are suitable for use under extreme conditions, such as in applications with vibration, pressure surges, and temperature fluctuations.

4. Close Pipe Nipple

A close nipple has no unthreaded area, which means that when two female fittings are tightly screwed onto both ends of the nipple, very little of the nipple will remain exposed. They are ordered by the diameter by close, for example, 1/2" x close.

5. Shoulder Pipe Nipple

Shoulder nipples are longer than close nipples and include a short unthreaded space between the threads. While not large enough for a pipe wrench, they serve unique purposes in various installations.

6. Hex Pipe Nipple

Hex nipples feature a hexagon-shaped middle section, allowing for secure grasping with a wrench. If you encounter a hex nipple with different sizes on each end, it's referred to as a reducer or unequal nipple.

7. Right-Left Hand Pipe Nipple

Right-left hand nipples have a right-hand thread on one end and a left-hand thread on the other. They are commonly used for gas piping with gas pipe nipple and in situations where unions are not permitted.

8. Swage Pipe Nipple

Swage nipples facilitate the transition of fluid flow from one pipe size to another. They come in plain, beveled, or threaded ends and serve to connect two pipes of different sizes.

9. Seamless Pipe Nipple

Seamless pipe nipple lack a welded seam along their length. These structurally robust fittings are designed for high-pressure applications where strength and reliability are paramount.

10. Grooved Pipe Nipples

Grooved pipe nipples are commonly used in commercial and industrial construction, mining, and process piping applications. They come in various configurations and sizes, offering versatility and compatibility with popular groove pipe fittings brands.

11. Combination/King Pipe Nipple

Combination nipples, sometimes referred to as stainless steel king nipple, are versatile connectors transitioning from hose pipes to threads. These end connections are suitable for fluid service, not air or steam service. They are available with various connection types, such as MPT, female NPT, flanged, or blank beveled ends for welding.

The world of pipe nipples is rich and varied, offering an array of options to suit specific needs and applications. Tiancheng, as a dedicated manufacturer and supplier, provides a comprehensive range of pipe nipples, ensuring that you have access to the right nipple pipe fittings for your project. Being aware of the different types of pipe nipples and their unique features empowers you to make informed choices, ultimately contributing to the success and efficiency of your piping and plumbing systems.

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